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Welcome -- this web site is about the VT-1100T,
the 1998-2000 Honda Shadow Tourer (The T).
It is also about ridin' the T and the wind.

Night_Lights from Dave Fashenpour on Vimeo.

Night Light modifications to my 1998 Honda Shadow VT-1100cc Tourer -- with a Mustang seat, a GIVI
Monolock trunk system encircled by blue LEDs, and a pair of Radiant Effect halogen driving lights,
mounted on the chrome headlight visor. The location is Friendswood, Texas -- 30 miles south of
Rocket City (Houston) and the photographer is my best friend (and wife) Janna Sue. Send
pictures of your Honda or club announcements and I will post them. Or maybe you
want to sell your Honda Tourer; this is the place to list it! Email me. Dave.

Tell me friend, what is time?

Time... she's a wastin'!!


Here is my old bike...

Here is my old bike...with new stuff on it

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Outside Royer's Restaurant in Roundtop, Texas

January 15, 2006 -- Blessing, Texas (Blessing Ride)

Blessing, Texas (Blessing Ride from the rear)

January 21, 2006 -- Sugar Land, Texas (Carlos Ride)

February 11, 2006 -- Rockport, Texas (Rockport Ride)

March 4, 2006 -- San Felipe, Texas (Winner-Foster Ride)

March 18, 2006 -- Bellville, Texas (Brenham Ride)

April 1, 2006 -- Meeting at the Raceway Gas Station (Lunch in Coldspring, Texas)

June 10, 2006 -- Two T's join the Holy Smoker Lunch (in Huntsville, Texas)

Schulenburg, Texas -- July 22, 2006 (The Shiner Ride)
From the Left: DPSSPY, Bolt Catcher, PecosJoe, TechMike99, Rddy, DaveFash, & TexasBorn
(the Ride Planner -- Dukey was at the Staging area but had a household emergency)
A blue chopper was seen hanging out with some T's in Liberty, Texas on August 12, 2006
(That just shows you how tollerant us T owners are.)
Lone Star Rally -- November 3, 2006 (CLICK ON THESE TOO!)

   Road Trips  

Dayton Ride Bellville Ride Blessing Ride Carlos Ride Rockport Ride
Foster Ride
Brenham Ride Shiner Ride

The "SHINER AWARD" was presented to:
TechMike99 for telling the most outragious story...

(Click here to hear the rest of the story)

Went for a ride to Huntsville...
to the Holy Smoker Barbecue restaurant.
There were 11 'Retread' Riders. (including two T's -- '98 Tourers)

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Here's the pics from the Big Bend -- I rented a Harley (sorry)
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First Set of Pics (The Retreads)     Second Set of Pics (Harley Problems)     Third Set of Pics (Movie Clip & Trip Report)

Yes, I laid my Harley down by accident -- parking on an incline!!

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Didos & The Bellville Run


This is from Wayne from North East Alabama:
I noticed your link about dead batteries, after just having mine to fail me on
a trip to Thunder Beach this year I thought I would share some info with you.
I too found my connector toast when I got back home and replaced it by butt
splicing the wires together, and thought my problem was sovled until I started
looking for a meter of some type so I could keep a check on my battery. I found
a handy little gadget called the Heads-Up Voltage Monitor, it's a single multi-
colored LED that changes color depending on your battery/charging system voltage,
very small and easy to mount. Well after I got it mounted it was telling me I
still had a problem, my voltage was running low but yet enough to keep a low
charge in my battery. After some more surfing I found this "Fault Finding Chart"
from www.electrosport.com, after following the easy steps I found that the ground
wire from my rectifier wasn't making a good ground, so I cleaned it and also made
another ground wire that runs from that ground point to the negative side of my
battery, like they suggest and now my T's charging just like it should. I'm sure
if I had not found the faulty ground I would have soon toasted my rectifier or
stator too, you can find the Heads-Up Monitor at www.cyclegadgets.com,
I hope this helps.

Wayne Berry
email Wayne
go to ElectroSport
go to CycleGadgets

There is a "BlueBonnet Run" around Brenham this Saturday -- April 14

- Retreads are meeting at Kelley's @ 45 & Park Place -- breakfast 7ish & leaving around 9AM
- 2 T-Riders so far will be at Kelley's -- more T-Riders will be meeting us in Chappell Hill around 10AM
- It will be easy to find one another in bussling downtown Chappell Hill -- we'll be the only one's there
- the weather is going to be fantastic after some teeny-tiny morning rain clouds dry up

Ride Safe and Keep in Touch --
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CELL PHONE: 281-380-2159
(leave your return cell number & message if no answer)

LEFT KELLEY'S ON I-45/Park Place
Super weather, great folks, and 11 assorted bikes.

See Rob Allen's new Sportster -- sold his black T

Dave, Rob, and some Retreads eating at Royer's.



Cat Spring

New Ulm


Map Details -- You're gonna like this one!

A Retreads Pee Break...

What the heck are we doing at the South Texas Nuclear Plant?

Let's make our high-speed break for it...

Cow Creek Road

Cranking Your Engine More & Enjoying it Less?
Fuel Filter Info -- Click Here

Battery going dead?
Alternator Info -- Click Here

Other Photos (fyi)

Black Magic

T-Tagup Collection

Didos & The Bellville Run

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