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We will ride to Blessing, Texas on January 15th, Sunday.
Most of the Houston T Riders will meet in Friendswood at 8AM
at the intersection of Route 518 (Friendswood Dr) and Route 2351
(connects with I-45)... in Friendswood at the Kroger's Parking Lot.

At 8AM we will then take 2351 toward Alvin to HW 35 and stay on 35
through Alvin. Other riders will meet us at that McDonald's south of
Alvin -- look for the Golden Arches on a tall sign -- you can see the
McDonald's sign for miles.

We will leave McDonald's Restaurant about 8:30 AM (see the map
to McDonald's at bottom of this web page) and take some pretty
interesting back roads -- all heading toward Blessing, Texas,
which is about 100 miles south of Houston, Texas. The less than
straight route will get us to Blessing about 11AM. just in time
for lunch* in Hotel Blessing.

* food is All-You-Can-Eat for about $7

The plan is to meet Tommy (texcritter), a T Rider from Corpus Christy
at the Hotel Blessing and head south to Port Lavaca, Texas (50 miles)
After our exploration of Port Lavaca -- we will be heading home.
Approximate arrival time back in Houston will be between 3PM and
5PM, depending upon what the group decides to do.

Thanks for being there -- have fun and ride safe.
(Helmets if you got 'em -- we got some if you don't -- let us know)

RSVP to: (not required -- just show up!)

Dave Fashenpour (Black Magic T)
(click to send answer in email message)
CELL PHONE: 281-380-2159
(if no answer, leave msg & your return number)

There was a Job Satisfaction survey performed a number of years ago,
in order to determine why some jobs had such a high level of satisfaction.
Airline pilots and long-haul truckers were at the top of the list and were
interviewed with a great amount interest. Why did they love their jobs so

In a truck stop, in the mid-west, they sat down next to a burly trucker and
asked, "Can you describe a time in the past 30 days the you felt the greatest
amount of job satisfaction?" The trucker thought for some time and as his
face lit up, and he said "Yes! I can tell you exactly when I felt the greatest

"I was rolling westbound through Kansas and the sun was rising at my back
and the wind was blowing through the open window. The wheat fields were
beautiful and the air smelled fresh." He stopped, looking out into space.
The interviewer said, "okay, continue." The trucker looked directly at the
interviewer and said, "That's it man! That is my most satisfying experience."

We went to Hotel Blessing on Sunday, January 15th, on a ride with about
twenty cycles. We took Route 35 south of Alvin and then took Farm Market
Road 1462 through Rosharon. We crossed the Brazos River and turned left
on Cow Creek road -- working our way back to Route 35 and Blessing,

Was it a good ride? It was my most satisfying ride ever. Why? Well, there I
was going south on Cow Creek road, on pavement that spoke of history,
on a chilly-warm day, alive with country smells. We were riding single-file
on a winding road -- first leaning left and then leaning right. The bikers
seemed like a long snake slithering down Cow Creek, with me in the
middle. That was it man! That was my most satisfying ride -- ever.

The lunch at the Hotel Blessing was fantastic and the fellowship of the
riders was very enjoyable, but the Cow Creek run will long be remembered.

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Southeast Texas

South Texas Coast

Blessing, Texas

Blessing Zoom-In

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Hotel Blessing Collection

Blessing Hotel
on MapQuest

Meeting Place:

McDonalds of Alvin
1103 FM 1462 Rd,
Alvin, 77511
(281) 585-8848

Updated: February 1, 2006