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Rally Point in Bellville (Newmans) at 10 AM -- lunch in Brenham (Country Inn) at Noon on Saturday

Five Ts outside Newman's Bakery in Bellville, Texas.

Good shots of Pecos Joe, RdDay (Rich), DSPSPY and DPSSPY-Buddy

Then yours truly (DaveFash --with some kind of padding in my jacket) and the famous Bolt Catcher

Getting ready to ride... to Brenham.

Pecos Joe's T

Rich's T

Spy's & Rich's


Bolt Catcher's T

Black Magic!! -- In Brenham. We made it.

The neat part about the Brenham Ride was the
folks -- coming from different directions and
rallying at Bellville. I tagged-up with Bolt
Catcher at the Chevron Station in Sugar Land.
We met-up with DPSSPY near Foster (and the
very nice DPSSPY-Buddy), while Rich & Pecos
were doing their own rally point. All headed
for Newman's Bakery in Bellville, Texas.

There, in front of the Glazed Donut counter
the group became one -- of course the Ts were
sitting out in the RAIN, while we raided the
pastries. That one bit of rain happened during
the Rally at Newman's and went away when we got
back on the bikes -- that was cool.

It was there in Newman's that Pecos Joe taught
us what real story-telling is all about. No-one
could match his tales... me, I told the story
of drilling a 7/16 hole through my muffler's
baffles. Joe, left my story in the dust, by
telling us about his drilling 4 and his 8 hole
experiment -- that lead to surgically modifying
the baffle system with slits and cuts, prying
each open to a specified angle with a screw-
driver... well you get the idea. He's good.

We then discussed, who in the group was better
qualified to find the Country Inn in Brenham.
Each one of us revealed our geographic expertise
of Brenham and various landmarks. It soon became
clear that none of us could match the knowledge
base of Pecos Joe. He was the clear winner and
became the ride leader, leading us from the known
out into the unknown.

We liked the ride through East Brenham and we got
a view of West Brenham; along with North Brenham
and a little of South Brenham. But, when we got
back to East Brenham -- we started to question if
our leader may be directionally-challenged. But,
in the manner of all great leaders, Pecos turned
back to the minions and said, "do you still trust
me?" and of course he got a resounding, "Nooo!".

But it was all good. We did finally arrive at the
Country Inn, where our first crisis occurred. Bolt
Catcher lost his bike key. Now, this did not happen
on the road, because the key was in place and try
as he might -- he could not lose it until he stopped
the motor and then he immediately pulled it out and
lost it. Now... was it on the ground around the bike?
Of course not -- six grown adults can attest to that
after looking under every leaf and candy wrapper in
the parking lot.

So where might this key be? It may turn out to be the
next great mystery of the Universe, coming in second
after the Big Bang. Luckily, Bolt Catcher had a set
of spare keys, just for such an eventuality. Let that
be a lesson to the rest of us. But alas, all mysteries
come to an end -- when stopping for gas in Bellville,
on the way home, Bolt Catcher reached for his wallet
and guess what? That key had went and hid itself in
the same pocket that his wallet was hiding. Whoda

Again, those pictures do look good and there is
something special about a group of Ts... but there is
something about those T owners also. We come for the
bikes, but we stay for the people. There were some
really neat folks that went to Brenham and me,
I had a ball!


The "I Made It To Brenham Award" was presented to the
DPSSPY-Buddy for being brave enough to go on a ride
with showers threatening. The vote was unanimous.

Everyone got an "I was here" Certificate

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Updated: March 19, 2006