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We had a ride to "Shiner" -- July 22!

It was a "hum-dinger" of a ride...
to put it another way, it was "good stuff"
(that's just how we talk down here)

Rich, Ron, Mike & Joe

Pete and Dylon

Good ol' 109 thru Frelsburg, south of New Ulm -- our first official pit stop

There's my special lady and my best friend, Janna, standing guard in Frelsburg

Taking over the parking lot at the Oakridge Smokehouse, in Schulenburg

Notice the "Shiner Award" sitting in the front of Mike's "Shiny" T (story to follow)

Schulenburg, Texas -- July 22, 2006 (The Shiner Ride)
From the Left: DPSSPY, Bolt Catcher, PecosJoe, TechMike99, Rddy, DaveFash, & TexasBorn
(the Ride Planner -- Dukey was at the Staging area but had a household emergency)

TechMike99 took some pics too...

Left to right: Kim, John, Dylon, Pete (All non-Ts over here...)

Dylon, Pete, and Bolt Catcher

Ron, Rich, Joe, Kim, John, Spy & the famous Bolt Catcher

The very sneaky Dave...

The group... getting ready to rumble

This is Texas... and that's what we do. Mosey around

Everyone that wanted to see the famous Spy... well here he is

Staging Area #3 -- 1094 & 949 -- the exact center of nowhere

Pete explaining the virtures of a non-T

The Spy-mobile

The very sweet Diana and then the Pete and Dylon -- and the Shiny-est scooter, ever!

The ride maps are published below... scoll down.

The "SHINER AWARD" was presented to:
TechMike99 for telling the most outragious story...
Okay now, here's the story.

It was a hot, dry Texas day in the month of July;
in the corridor between Houston and San Antonio, Texas

Janna and I, along with Ron had just driven the 50 miles from Alvin,
making sure that we rode the famous Winner-Foster road -- with the robust
smell of cow manure and the cooling shade of dense road-side trees which
made the ride from Alvin seem to go away. Winner-Foster came out on Fm Rd
1093. We took a left and rode about a half-mile into Fulshear. There on
the right at the Shell Station was a pretty sight -- another 3 Ts, 2 Non-T
Hondas, and a Harley -- along with some real cool folks. Mike, Diana,
Pete, Dylon, Bolt Catcher, John (Bolt Catcher's friend), John's riding
partner Kim, and the world-famous DPSSpy.

North on 359 to Brookshire, Pattison, San Felipe & Sealy; where we picked
up Fm Rd 1094 and straight to Staging Area #3 -- the exact center of nowhere
(the intersection of Fm Rd 1094 and Fm Rd 949). There sitting by the side
of the road was PecosJoe and Rich on their beautiful T's. That made a total
of 10 bikes: 7 Ts, 2 Honda non-Ts, and the Harley... looking good. Dukey
the Shiner Ride Planner was at Staging Area #1, just long enough to tell
us of an Air Conditioning problem in his home, so Dave and his Maroon T
(that would made a total of 8 Ts) had to take a rain-check. The complete
group of 10 bikes took-off for New Ulm -- what a pretty sight.
We got to New Ulm and picked-up Fm Rd 109 heading south to Frelsburg, where
we took a break, snapped some photos, and took 1291 to old 71 and Lagrange,
Texas. After a top-off at a gas station, we jumped on Route 77, south to
Schulenburg and stopped at the Oakridge Smokehouse for lunch.

At lunch, we voted NOT to go onto Shiner, due to the heat of the day and the
extra distance that would have to be travelled. The group had a real good ride
and we decided to call it day and present the Shiner award (even though we were
not in Shiner, Texas). So the cadidates for the award began to make their plea
to receive the award... and everything was going good until Mike stood up. The
speech that he gave -- as to why he deserved the Shiner Award -- was outragious.
He said that he thought the "Shiner" award was going to be awarded to the T
that was most shiny. So he shined his T all day yesterday. Then he went
over to his buddy Pete's house -- who would be riding with us on a Honda
Spirit -- along with Pete's son Dylon's Honda. Mike had them wax their
Honda's from 10PM to midnight last night -- telling them about the Shiner
Award. He was dead serious. When we heard that -- we voted to award
the SHINY award to Mike in Schulenburg -- then head on back home.

So, there you have it. That is my story and I'm stickin' to it!

The Shiner Ride was -- Saturday, July 22, 2006

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Current Ride Status -- as of 8PM on July 21, 2006

*** Notice Staging Area #3 -- North of Cat Spring ***

There are now three (3) Staging Areas:
Alvin, Fulshear, and Cat Spring

 Houston-East will stage in Alvin -- HW-35 at 528 - Shell Station

    Leaving Alvin (Staging Area #1) by 7:30 AM <<

 Houston-West will stage in Fulshear -- 1093 at 359 -- Shell Station

    Leaving Fulshear (Staging Area #2) by 9:00 AM <<

 Houston-North will stage North of Cat Spring -- 1094 at 949 -- Intersection

    Leaving Cat Spring (Staging Area #3) by 10:00 AM <<

Copy down this cell phone: 281-380-2159 & call for syncing-up
If no answer, leave your cell # and a message

Shiner, Texas Ride Maps

Ladies & Gentlemen (and all gentlemen bring your ladies -- I am)
You are about to venture-out on the best Texas back-road trip that
you ever will take. The ride to Shiner, via all the other places.

Leaving Fulshear at 9AM on FM Road 359 -- North to Brookshire and Pattison,
then to 1458 to Sealy and 1094 to Cat Spring, Texas

Leaving Cat Spring on FM Road 1094 -- West to 109 out of New Ulm, thru Frelsburg to 1291
and then thru Fayetteville and past Roznov to 237, turning into 159 thru Rutersville
and onto Lagrange, Texas (a possible lunch stop)

Leaving Lagrange on 77 and to 2436 thru Hostyn, then to 609 past Quinn over to 956
and then to FM Road 2238 and Engle, up Alt-90 to Schulenburg (another possible lunch stop).
Then out of Schulenburg on St. John's Street to 957, past the towns of Saint John and Moravia,
to 532 and Komenshy, then south on 1295 to Whitting Road, making our way over to 1891 and
finally to Shiner, Texas on 95 (where the famous "SHINER AWARD" will be presented).

Leaving Shiner on FM Road 533, to 433 thru Dreyer, picking up 111 in Hochheim and then
318E out of Yoakum to Sweet Home and 318 to Hallettsville -- picking up Alt-90 again.
Then Alt-90 to Good Hope, Sublime, Sheridan, Rock Island, Altair, and Eagle Lake, where
the group starts to divide into North-bound, East-bound, and South-bound (going home).

There it is -- a road trip on the Texas side-roads with plenty of fresh air, nature, good
friends, Czech culture & foods, and the sweetest sounding rumble of over 10 T's.

This route is not in cement. You have a better idea? -- let's hear it. You don't like it?
let's hear why. You want to stop somewhere else? -- tell us where. Otherwise, "Dukey" has
this thing all figured out. Pit stops, water breaks, gas fill-ups... just about time you think
you need to do something -- bam! there you are doing it.

It will be a bit warmish -- we need plenty of liquids (reachable by the driver), we need
sun screen, we need light-weight, breathable clothes that cover areas that are in direct sun.
Everyone bring extras to share with those that forgot. Here is a little item that a few people
will be wearing on the trip -- with ACTIVE COOLING CRYSTALS for about $4:

If you have a CB radio unit bring it -- I will bring a hand-held.
Bring your cell phones, rain-gear (just in case), and I will have jumper cables.
Best of all, bring your fun along because we're going to have a whole lot of that.
I am bringing my camera because we won't want to ever forget this road trip.

Map of Shiner, Texas
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To Be Taken -- on July 22, 2006
Shiner Ride Collection

To Be Taken -- on July 22, 2006
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RSVP Appreciated -- But Not Required
Just go to the staging areas and show up!

(Staging Areas Published Monday, July 17, 2006)

Dave Fashenpour (Black Magic T)
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CELL PHONE: 281-380-2159
(if no answer, leave msg & your return number)

Updated: July 25, 2006