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Intro to J-Rod P-52 Video:

The J-Rod P-52 Interview Video

More revealing video interviews with J-Rod on CDs.

Order Part #1: J-Rod's Chromosome Manipulation Analysis
Each of the three Parts (CDs) cost $14.96
($12 CD + $2.00 shipping + $.96 Tax = $14.96)

Three Part Series of in-depth interviews with J-Rod (a grey ET).

These are brief interviews with J-Rod, which inform us about the actions necessary to receive the riches that God intended for us to have - here on Earth. He explains it very clearly; we need to start loving one another and begin loving our planet -- or we lose it.

J-Rod is not healthy due to experimentation with fusing chromosomes in his DNA. Our government has been trying to solve their nerve deterioration disease for years, but it has not been successful. These CD's have a money-back guarentee; if you are not completely satisfied -- return it with no questions asked and we will gladly return your investment.

J-Rod has much more to say about Chromosome manipulation, especially about their merging of 8 into 4 Chromosomes; giving them a total of 19 Chromosome pairs. Being time-travelers, there is much that can be said about consecutive timelines and the interaction which takes place. J-Rod defines what the "Looking Glass" device actually does, and he also explains about the "Yellow Book" gift, along with its whereabouts. J-Rod will also reveal the 'shakers' & 'movers' involved in the biggest COVERUP in the world. J-Rod does not trust the Brotherhood within that special Lodge that we all love.

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There are three Parts available - one Part on each CD:
Part #1 - is about the Manipulation of Chromosomes that make up the DNA of Modern Humans and the DNA of a grey extraterrestrial. A colorful spreadsheet analysis of all merged Chromosomes is included. This CD #1 is scheduled for shipment by
December 31, 2021.

Part #2 - is about the Converging Timelines Paradox; which includes the effects of any past events that could interfere with future events - based totally upon timelines being selected by the Looking Glass device. This CD #2 is scheduled for shipment by
February 28, 2022.

Part #3 - is about the Committee of the Majority -- revealing FINALLY, who it is that has been keeping UFOs secret for all these 70 years. The Brotherhood has a 33 seat Supreme Council meeting room, where they vote on what can be revealed. They also have the power to override the Majestic Twelve. This CD #3 is scheduled for shipment by
April 30, 2022.


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