Walking the Log

Push the Full-Screen button on the bottom-right.

As you travel down the MandelFash Fractal Log ©, you are
walking on the top of the MandelFash Babies, which can be sliced
from the Log -- as thin as the slices can be sliced -- with an infinite
number of babies. That is, until the fractals deteriorate when they
reach the end of the Fractal Log at about Y = 2; after that, the Log
becomes pure all-black pixels. That is because each x,y,z is a valid
member of the MandelFash Set & members of the Mandelbrot Set.

As you walk toward the end of the Log, along the baby's top-fins,
you can see the fractal trees growing, not individually, but as a
thin, solid structure containing it's own babies. Notice the babies
are tubular (with long tubes belonging to the same babies), and
becomming an individual, as it is sliced-off along with it's
parent. Babies within the tube are perfectly identical.

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along with the pixel color of each coordinate point. Note: 1 = Set Member Black)
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