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Why Mandelbrot?

CHAPTER 1 - The "Secret Sauce"

What is a function?
How does "Recursion" work?
How does Mandelbrot create his magic?
Let us look closer and see if we have the eye
to recognize The Secret Sauce.

Chapter 2 - Complex Variables

Complex Variables is the second video,
in a six-part series of videos;
answering the question:
Why Mandelbrot?

Chapter 3 - The Algorithm

Third video in a series of 6 videos belonging
to the series "Why Mandelbrot?"

The video comes with a FREE Software
Program, written in C++, which allows
the novice to create their own
Mandelbrot Baby.

It also provides the capability to dive-deep into
the beautiful fractals which surround the baby.

Mandelbrot Generator in written in source C++ Code

This C++ Program generates Mandelbrot Babies and allows for
deep dives into fractals. Instruction for installation & operation
of this code is contained in Chapter 3 of this video series,
entitled "The Algorithm", this software is a free product; offered
with no guarantees and no acceptance of liability. One needs to
participate in the Chapter 3 video, prior to operating
this downloaded software package.

This C++ code is intended for instructional purposes only and
is considered a training aid - to teach you how to generate a
Mandelbrot Baby and to zoom-in on areas of interest.

Click Here to download the Mandelbrot Generator ZIP file

Chapter 4 - The Monsters

This series of videos is designed for the Mandelbrot enthusiast
or for anyone wanting to learn more. Good to start with
Chapter 1 - but this Chapter is stand-alone and I believe
you will not only enjoy these brief 23 minutes, but you
will be passing it on to your friends.

Chapter 5 - The Dimensions

The "Why Mandelbrot?" video series has arrived at the heart
of Mandelbrot's favorite pasttime: which is discussing fractal
coastlines and their roughness in the context of Dimensions.

Prepare yourself for non-integer dimensions; not 1-D or 2-D;
but 1.4-D. Chapter 5 explores Scaling Factors, Box Counting,
Linear Regression, 3D Complex Plane, Mandelbrot Siblings,
and a special visit to the MandelFash Fractal Log. You will
really enjoy this visit into other dimensions.

Link to main website: Fractal Log dot Com:
Click Here to link to

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